Monday, April 18, 2005

Thanks To All!!


Thanks so much to those of you who came out in support of me for the Nashville North Kountry Idol contest!! I truly appreciate your support, as I know it was a nice day and you could've been working out in the yard, riding 4-wheelers, going to the park, drinkin' beer, etc. Instead, you came to support me! I truly, truly thank you from the bottom of my heart! As you saw and heard, there were several talented artists competing, all deserving of the title. Simply having the opportunity of getting to know the other contestants, T & T and the DYNAMITE COWBOYS (Wow, could they play!), as well as the owners of Nashville North, both of whom were very nice, always going of of their way to make us feel welcome! It was simply a great opportunity to share my talent with those a little bit north of my neck of the woods! Thanks so much!Lori

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