Thursday, June 09, 2005

Things Continue To Happen

Wow!Things continue to happen!! Thanks is owed, of course, to my agent - Deb - who truly goes after any and every lead! She just called and told me that we will take part in a welcome home tribute party for military service men and women who are returning from Iraq. I can't think of a better gig. Having the opportunity to share time with those who have served our country with pride is truly an honor. I can only hope to provide the best damn entertainment possible to help their transition back to a nation of freedom. There are many other performance dates approaching and we (my agent and I) are continuing to audition possible band members so that we can create a tight-knit group ready to set the country world on fire!! Stay tuned as I venture out in to the world of musicians, hoping and praying to find a group of like-minded individuals who are ready to mold into a great musical group!!!I am so ready!

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

To Be or Not To Be. . .

"To be or not to be," the well-known quote spoken in Shakespeare's Hamlet continues to intrigue me, as I continue forth on my journey of life. I'm supposed to be... what? Or I am not to be...what? I continue to be baffled but am enjoying the journey thus far. I figure one day I'll understand it all. In the meantime, I will pursue my goals, which include doing something for the greater good. I'm not interested in becoming well known and rich and then turning in to some primadona who wants something like "I will have only the best fruit served to me before hitting the stage" written in the contract. PLEASE!!! If I spent my musical journey traveling from military base to military base, thanking the men & women for their service to our country, I would have success. Or if I were asked to go to every children's hospital to entertain little guys and gals who are much less fortunate in health, I would have success. If I were asked to travel from town to town, showing appreciation to our law enforcement officials, fire personnel, health practitioners, and teachers, I would have success. Success is knowing in my heart that I have used my talent to positively affect others, to make a little impact on my world. Now that's success! And in such a quest, I must go...Write at you soon. - Lori

Monday, June 06, 2005

Summer Cold

Today, June 6, 2005, is beginning in an odd manner, as I -- a country music artist -- am battling a cold. How in the world can I get a cold at the onset of SUMMER???? Two days and some minutes I will be singing our National Anthem at the Gateway Grizzlies GMC Stadium and, yes, I feel so honored to do so; however, I am going to have to work on this cold thing. One thing is for sure, when it comes down to the wire and I have to sing, even when I feel my voice won't be able to hold out, I pray and God has ALWAYS come through for me!! I just had to verbalize my thoughts because, as I was driving in to work today (Boy, this j...o...b thing certainly gets in the way of a career in music!!), I thought about all the things I had going on in my life and just how busy I was going to be and stopped to realize just how blessed I am, one because I have great people in my life who believe in me and take time out (lots of time) to help me to achieve my goals, and two because I have so much to do, which is so much better than having nothing to do!! I will sign off for now since I really need to get busy and focus on this j...o...b that I need so badly to support this musical career in the works!