Monday, June 06, 2005

Summer Cold

Today, June 6, 2005, is beginning in an odd manner, as I -- a country music artist -- am battling a cold. How in the world can I get a cold at the onset of SUMMER???? Two days and some minutes I will be singing our National Anthem at the Gateway Grizzlies GMC Stadium and, yes, I feel so honored to do so; however, I am going to have to work on this cold thing. One thing is for sure, when it comes down to the wire and I have to sing, even when I feel my voice won't be able to hold out, I pray and God has ALWAYS come through for me!! I just had to verbalize my thoughts because, as I was driving in to work today (Boy, this j...o...b thing certainly gets in the way of a career in music!!), I thought about all the things I had going on in my life and just how busy I was going to be and stopped to realize just how blessed I am, one because I have great people in my life who believe in me and take time out (lots of time) to help me to achieve my goals, and two because I have so much to do, which is so much better than having nothing to do!! I will sign off for now since I really need to get busy and focus on this j...o...b that I need so badly to support this musical career in the works!

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