Thursday, June 09, 2005

Things Continue To Happen

Wow!Things continue to happen!! Thanks is owed, of course, to my agent - Deb - who truly goes after any and every lead! She just called and told me that we will take part in a welcome home tribute party for military service men and women who are returning from Iraq. I can't think of a better gig. Having the opportunity to share time with those who have served our country with pride is truly an honor. I can only hope to provide the best damn entertainment possible to help their transition back to a nation of freedom. There are many other performance dates approaching and we (my agent and I) are continuing to audition possible band members so that we can create a tight-knit group ready to set the country world on fire!! Stay tuned as I venture out in to the world of musicians, hoping and praying to find a group of like-minded individuals who are ready to mold into a great musical group!!!I am so ready!

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