Tuesday, August 23, 2005

My Silent Mind: Part II

1985 - Welcoming myself to my knew life – a country girl in a college town, surrounded by people who didn’t recognize my talents, appreciate my vibrant personality, or understand the woman (okay, girl who longed to be a woman!) beneath the girlish figure: my tall silhouette mirrored the image of a stick. At first I didn’t want to admit it, even though I knew it. My body was one of which others envied, especially my elders (and remember this was 1985 and not 2005???). They would comment that I should model, for I had long legs that traveled all the way to there. What? Where the hell was there? So naïve was I. My slender figure was also mentioned, stating that I could wear anything, for my clothes would simply contour my slim, fit body, shadowing the make-up of such a physique. Of course I would turn red when such a thing was mentioned, and only one thought ever came to mind: When am I gonna get some boobs? I heard jokes from – You’re a pirate’s dream, a sunken chest – to – I need a flat surface; lean over, no, the other way. 11 years old and I was hearing jokes about a chest line that didn’t exist and for the record never would. While looking back now the topic of a nonexistent chest line seems so petty; however, at the time it was truly devastating for me!

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