Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Training on trying, and trying again...

Here I am again - another day, another dollar, right? Well it's become a notion that's more than necessary as I begin another day celebrating life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. I use that more and more often these days, as I find myself reflecting on the Iraq experience for the men and women over there doing what they can to help the Iraqi peoples. Unfortunately, CNN sends me breaking news, so I open my email to another 14 Marines as well as a civilian interpreter killed. While I know that US soldiers are doing so much good (I learned this from a US Army soldier who had returned from Iraq after serving two tours.), I dread to hear of young men and women losing their lives. Thank goodness I'm a Christian and truly believe they're in a better place, but I really do hurt for their families and friends, so I will continue to pray for those who are making every effort to keep the peace in the hopes that the peoples of Iraq will get their freedoms and the terrorists will get exactly what they deserve: You can infer from here!

On the other side of the world, in the good 'ole United States, Shipman, Illinois in particular, things are going well. The band - Miles Station -- and I are beginning to show great strides in the making of a country unit. I look forward to the next few weeks as we will practice until our show becomes tightly knitted. Additionally, I will keep all informed as to what's going on and how we are progressing. To some it might be extremely boring, but to others the excitement roars!

Until then, I say we "Country ROCK on!!"

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