Saturday, December 24, 2005

Merry Christmas Everyone!

We wish so much for you!
We hope this year is special and that all your dreams come true.
For Santa’s on his way to bring you
All that you request.
For he wants nothing less for you than the very, merry best.
So this note is sent with greetings,
Wishing, hoping with such might.
That you are blessed with many things: morning, noon and night.
A delightful day, a wondrous week,
A month that’s filled with cheer.
We are praying that you have a healthy, prosperous year.
And don’t you fret about a thing,
For all you need is love.
Just do the right thing every day and model God above.
Remember, yesterday is gone
And tomorrow’s not far behind
So spend your day in happiness and be merry with your time.
But for now our thoughts are with you
As we celebrate Christ’s birth.
Please thank him much for giving us the best darn life on earth.
And keep your heart an open door-
Your mind so free from fear.
As we wish you Merry Christmas and a Happy Brand New Year!

With Love, Lori

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