Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Life is Great!

Life is great, and here I am again, another day - continuing to pursue this aspiration of mine, crazy some might say, of working my way to the world of country music. There's no doubt that the road is long and tough!! It seems I have to do many things that I never really fathomed. Luckily, I have such great help, as my agent...webmistress...booking agent...promoter..., and the list goes on and on helps me in this pursuit. My family/friends/fans also keep me going strong, for they too continue to motivate me, filling me with the crazy notion that this dream is possible if I truly believes in myself!! Well, I do!! The phone calls, the necessary persistance or nagging as some would say, and the events one must attend to get the publicity that is necessary to get your name out there can be exhausting, especially if one has three kids, a husband, a job! But the fact is I love it, and hope that others can share with me their stories of encouragement, how they strive to overcome the obstacles to continue going for their dreams. Inspiration at its best is what I'm looking for!!

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