Saturday, May 21, 2005

River City Rage - National Anthem

I had a grand weekend, getting the opportunity to sing our National Anthem at the River City Rage indoor football game held at the St. Charles Family Arena in St. Charles, Missouri. What a night!! The ownership establishment was nothing short of courteous and accomodating. Once I made my way to the field and was prompted to begin our Anthem as everyone was asked to stand, I felt a great sense of calm come over me. My version of the song began and I felt in complete control. I usually get nervous before sing The Star Spangled Banner simply because everyone knows the words, and if you mess up, everyone knows it!! But this time it was different! And I know why. On my way to the game, I prayed, asking for some reassurance that all would be okay, and my answer came through as it always does in music. A song that is special to my deceased brother, a Faith Hill song called "It Matters to Me," came over the radio. An older song, one that isn't played very often, it became my hope, for I knew after hearing it that my brother -- my former partner in music -- was speaking to me, finding a channel through which to communicate. It worked! And it'll work again, which is probably the biggest reason I am so inspired. Not only do I just believe, but I believe in so much that I'm willing to take risks, even those that come with high stakes. So here I go again...

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