Monday, May 23, 2005

Talk Radio Junkie!

Hello all! Okay, it's official: I'm now what one could call a true talk radio junkie, as I have finally made it to the airwaves. The topic was-- pedophiles, what shall we do with them? -- and the answer I thought was somewhat simple: "An Eye for an Eye!" Now of course I was questioned, for if we the people were to execute such a punishment on pedophiles then we would be a bad as them?? But the fact of the matter is that we cannot afford to jeopardize our children, and by allowing such an animal freedom puts our children at great risk, too great of risk to chance, I say! Now I can attest to the fact that as an educator and a parent, I am and will continue to be a strong advocate for children, teenagers, young adults, etc. And as an apiring musician, I use music to promote awareness with the hopes that something good will come out of the tragedy that has occurred and continues to occur with children. But how I wish and pray that someday children would not longer be hurt by pathetic adults who are such cowards that they need to use a strong hand against those who can't protect themselves. I say "an eye for an eye" is the way to go, for it is when such a law is implemented that justice will truly prevail. I apologize for ranting; however, when I hear of stories of abuse in any form, I can't help but cleanse my mind by sharing what's on it with everyone!As far as the music goes, keep it playin'!

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