Sunday, May 22, 2005

Today Has Been Crazy!

Today has been crazy. Who ever said that holding down a full time job and trying to pursue a music career was easy is crazy. Of course, I don't recall anyone ever saying it would be easy, so I suppose I will simply be quiet and continue forth with what I'm currently doing. I look at it like this: If I end up insane after it's all said and done, I might have enough material to write a great country song, one that is truly realistic!! One thing is for sure, having this blogger to jot down my thoughts allows me to get everything off my chest! I will now get back to work, but I will tell you this... Having this J -- O -- B thing surely gets in the way of a music career. Perhaps someone out there will read this, feel sorry for me, and then come to my rescue by agreeing to fund my musical endeavors but not before getting me out of debt! I'll probably be searching for a while, but in the meantime, it's okay to dream, isn't it???

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